Black and White State Pillow - Various States

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  • This bold beauty brings modern style to any room of the house with an eye-catching design. Your state price will be front and center with this cotton pillow enhancing your home. They make a great gift idea as well. 

    Product Details

    •  South Carolina -10-in. x 10-in.
    • North Dakota -8x12
    • Georgia - 10x10
    • North Carolina -8-12
    • Iowa - 10x6
    • Mississippi -8x12
    • New Jersey -7x11.5
    • Utah -10x6
    • Kentucky -11x8
    • Alaska -10x10
    • Texas -10x10
    • Nevada -10x10
    • Wisconsin -10x10


    • Cotton

Black and White 

All Sales Final 

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